full stack web developer


Let's get acquainted.

Hello, my name is Finn and I'm a designer/developer from Seattle, WA. I have been working in web development for 4 years. The jobs I excel in are usually websites and projects that I can do from scractch and allow me the most creative direction, however I am experienced in builder/E-Commerce platforms such as Shopify, WordPress and SquareSpace.

Quality Assured.

Pride is the cornerstone of my work, with excellence only being achieved from hours of constant focus and dedication. Anything I create goes through intensive lookovers as to ensure quality. Perfect is the standard, when working with me that will become apparent

Done with skill.

Over time, my skills have progressed to an expert level in HTML, PHP, CSS and JavaScript. Anybody can write code with enough practice, but it takes a trained developer to have a strong eye for good design practices.



Jet is an independant artist who contracted me to make his website. This site is used for listing events, new releases and bookings/features. It features a full navbar, soundcloud player and a contact form.

Jeans by Davis.

Jeans by Davis is an independant small business website that sells painted clothing and customized clothing, I was contracted to create their website from scratch, with self sustainability being a major goal in mind.

fb studios.

All sites under fb studios are completely designed and developed by me, more content coming soon...


Let's Get in Touch.

Send me an email at finnean@fb-studios.com and we can begin quickly on any project you have in mind.